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Submit Form

Tell us what you need, share your contact, project details, inspiration home pictures, and your budget through our request form to get a quote.

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Your goals, needs, and requirements are discussed. You communicate one on one with MyGhosla Designer and finalize your home design requirements through a form with predefined specifications

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Get Quote

Get your personalized quote based on a detailed understanding of the scope of work. You can discuss the requirement form and quotation at any point with your design coordinator by logging in your account. Once a quotation is sent from MyGhosla you can either accept it or get it further revised.

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If you opt for revision, MyGhosla design coordinator shall discuss your concerns and revise the quote if necessary. A maximum of 3 revisions within 3 months from sharing of request form are allowed post which your request will stand closed

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When you’re ready, make the online payment from your MyGhosla account. Also, you need to print and return a signed E-Quote/contract via post to MyGhosla. On successful payment and receipt of the signed E-quote, your project will commence and it will show as an ongoing project in MyGhosla Account.

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MyGhosla team designs your home as per the defined scope of work. All your deliverables are delivered and discussed through MyGhosla Account. We do not share any drawings via e-mail. The project delivery timeline is as per MyGhosla delivery policy

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Get Started

Your MyGhosla home plans are now ready and you can get started with your dream home. We provide all the assistance you need with respect to drawings throughout the approval and execution stages.

How we work

We often tell our clients that there is no set standard for the custom residential design process. Every client has its unique set of objectives, conditions, and resources hence we kick off the process with the requirement form to define the scope of work and align the whole design process. Let’s