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3D + Elevation design


3D + Elevation design quotation


Quotation for 3D Render of Residence


Client Information:






Project Summary:

A X B Plot,

For Client,




Prepared by:

MyGhosla Designs Pvt. Ltd

Sector 35 A,

Chandigarh, 160035

T: +91 9878433387

Scope of Work:

 As per our telephonic meetings during March and final drawing shared on Monday 06th April for a A X B plot at Location we propose two sequential design phases: Schematic 3D Block Design & Design development


Phase 1:


Schematic 3D Block Design

  • During this stage we will interact with client to collect complete information and client will share AutoCAD drawing of the house under discussion for preparation of 3D model
  • Based on dimensions and plot size provided by client, designer will develop 2 schematic 3D block models of the same plan and review both options with the client.


Example of 2 3D Block Models:

3D Option 1                                                                                                      3D Option 2


Duration of Phase 1: we will share prelim 3D Block model option in 7-10 working days


Phase 2:


Design Development (DD)


The next step is to refine and revise. Once the Owner selects one option from shared 2 options and discusses design direction, the designer will add details and incorporate requested changes to the final option. These are then reviewed view online co-browse – screen share session. The DD phase includes the following steps:


  1. Designer revises 3D model based on client feedback from Phase 1
  1. Designer reviews changes with Client
  1. A final Exterior 3-D for finalized option will be shared in 2 material / color options
  1. The final material option that client finalized will be finished and shared with the client in good resolution
  1. The final elevation design in 2d with marked levels as per the 3D will be shared


Example of 2 material/ color Models:


Duration of phase 2: based on revision/modification will take 10-12 working days for incorporating and presenting the final design. Preparation of 3D of final design will take additional 3-5 working days.


Disclaimer: The entire project is a 3d render assignment. We will not provide any cut sections, 2d design, interior design or AutoCAD drawings for the project. The deliverables will be in the form of JPEG/ PDF images and not AutoCAD drawings


3d Render Design Fee –                                                                                                             Rs.XX,XXX/-


The design services fee for Phase 1              (commencement fee)                                Rs.X,XXX /-


Design Deliverables for Phase 1:

  1. 3D Block Model option 1 (jpeg or pdf format)
  1. 3D Block Model option 2 (jpeg or pdf format)


The design services fee for Phase 2            (to be paid after Stage 1 is complete)       Rs.X,XXX /-


Design Deliverables for Phase 2

  1. 3D Model of the final block model with material option 1 (jpeg or pdf format)                                          
  1. 3D Model of the final block model with material option 2 (jpeg or pdf format
  1. Final good resolution render of the finalized material option (jpeg or pdf format)
  1. Elevation of the finalized 3d model with level marking (jpeg or pdf format)                                        


We understand design is an ongoing process and at times client may require more revisions and design options to reach a final design. If the work exceeds beyond the above outlined scope the client can avail the design and revision services at additional price as stated below.


We do not intend to underservice our clients in any respect but every revision and option requires additional numbers of hours and engagement in terms of design development from our team as well as external consultants, hence for the convenience of both the client and us we have outlined the additional services.


Additional services beyond those described above may be performed at the Client’s request. The additional services that can be availed are as follows:


Additional Services:

  1. Revisions **                                                                                                                                             Rs. XXX/ revision

** Post development of final 3D Block model into final design the Client will have to pay addtional fees for getting the revised 3D. Final design refers to stage 2 of phase 2 of the development.


Client Signature:                                                                                                                Date:

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