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7 Questions to Ask Before Building a New Home


MyGhosla’s in-house architects have compiled 7 of the most important questions to ask before building your dream home


Deciding to build your new house without considering the important factors can get you in trouble. Many homeowners impulsively set the green light in constructing their new house as they believe that a new house doesn’t have the problems associated with older houses.

This is not the case. In fact, there are numerous things you need to be aware of before building your new house, and some of which doesn’t necessarily revolve around the age of the house.

To find out what to consider while designing your new house, MyGhosla’s in-house architects will help you answer the correct questions first, so we have compiled 7 of the most important questions to ask before building a new home.


1. What factors shall affect my plot selection?


The location of the plot is a very important consideration that you must delve carefully into. Any plot that you buy for yourself must be around a good neighbourhood that is safe for family living. Additionally, you might want to consider the locational proximity to your work place and the type of facilities you’d want around. For instance – entertainment options, educational institutes for your children, marketplace, health care facilities and so on. One more thing that is worthwhile to understand here is that land is a scarce and immovable resource, and demand is what drives up its price. If you feel that living in an area that’s slightly distant from the main areas of the city won’t be very inconvenient, you may consider altering your locational preference for getting bigger properties at a more meaningful price.


2. What are my needs and requirements?


Take note that your new house isn’t only a place to stay — it’s the place where you’ll spend many years and build your future, so it’s logical to design your new house based on your needs and wants. However, it’s also important to strike a balance between your wants and budget because the last thing you want is an overblown cost. Ask questions? Is it practical to put a gaming room in the basement? Or is it feasible to have an outdoor pool? Weigh in your options or consult with home design consultancies available online. accesses your requirements thoroughly and can guide you through the process.



3. Which architect should I choose?


Your architect will bear the highest responsibility in designing your new home so choosing the right architect should be the most important decision you need to make. Whether you’ll have an acceptable new house depends on your architect. You should only look at two factors in choosing your architect,


a) A good architect understands the client needs and wants thoroughly, and provides the best possible solution to justify the design accordingly, so hire someone who is ready to give time and is keen in designing your house just like their own.


b) Along with a good sense of design, discipline, communication and professionalism is something you should never compromise on, take the timeline into consideration, a dedicated team of designers shall never delay the time of delivery and will design        practically, keeping your budget in consideration.


4. What is the timeline of my project?


You should require your contractor to provide a master schedule wherein every milestone is put in writing to be followed during construction. Having a master schedule provides you a panoramic view of the project which allows you to foresee problems that can be prevented to avoid delays. Pressuring your contractor to finish ahead of schedule must be done as well. Timeline is directly proportional to decision making and availability of funds.  


5. Is it affordable?


You must have a full understanding of the constituents of the overall cost of building your new house. Basically, it includes the lump sum of: construction, supervision and design costs. Knowing this allows you to budget accordingly or gauge whether you can afford such endeavor or not. Also, take note of other miscellaneous costs such as professional fees and permit acquisition.


6. How will my new house look?


The final look of your house must be based on your inputs and preferences. Every aspect of the design must run through you for approval prior to execution. Ask your home design consultant to provide you with floor plan designs and 3D-rendered model of your house in order to visualize your inputs and preferences. provides home plan design online with 3d design and saves lot of time as the delivery is prompt. To know more message or call +91 9878433387


7. Have we weighed the pros and cons?


Take your time to make a wise decision and ensure that you considered all your options because building a new house is not simple as you think it is. Know your cards well and use it to your advantage. Determine the pros of choosing architect ABC and the cons of not having a home design consultant. The more invaluable information you have — the better your decision making will be.


Still have questions, reach out to us at +91 9878433387 for further assistance or message . We’re happy to connect



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