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Best Small Home Plans Online – Affordable luxury at your fingertips


We've all heard the saying, 'quality over quantity' and 'you get what you pay for'. While most savvy shoppers will apply these philosophies in the department store, for some reason we seem to forget it when we're designing your house. Many of us are afflicted with a 'maximum space for a minimum budget' mentality when it comes to housing. Which is why our average house sizes are growing, while average family size is shrinking! It's a trend that needs to be reversed if we want to live sustainably on our planet.


Why Build Small?


  • Small home plans are incredibly budget friendly. Less square footage allows you to save big on material and labour costs during your build! Plus, with a smaller footprint, you’ll have the option to build your dream home on a smaller plot. This will save your investment in land as well.
  • Not only will you save big during your home construction, but for years to come! You’ll love that your utility and maintenance costs are a fraction of that of a larger home.
  • Studies show that the average family doesn’t build a larger home because they need additional space for themselves, but for all of their belongings! De-clutter your home, and therefore your life by choosing to build a smaller home.
  • Less cleaning time! Spend your time doing the things you love, instead of dealing with the never ending task that is cleaning your home.

If you’re planning to design a smaller home, you should recognize that less square footage doesn’t have to feel smaller. Here are some of the design choices by that will make any home live large.


Pl-299GH - Affordable Three-Bedroom

1350 Square Feet, 2 Floors, 3 Bedroom

This G+1 house creates an interesting elevation with interplay of attractive materials. The cladding of locally sourced stone tiles along with grove detail on its face sets it apart. The particulars of the house include three bedrooms, 1 bedroom on the ground while the other 2 bedrooms on the 1st floor. These can be gorgeously decorated as our design lets in ample light from large framed windows throughout the day  

Some highlighting features of design:

  • Minimalist Design: As clutter is the enemy of spaciousness hence the house is minimalist in design as well
  • Built in storage: Plenty of Build in storage incorporated to maximise the storage space
  • Terrace Garden and Balconies: All the rooms have attached balconies while the Master bedroom boasts of private terrace. We have taken care that you never let the feeling of openness fade away.


PL305GH - The Traditional Jali Home

1446 Square Feet, 3 Floors, 4 Bedrooms

This triple storey house has 4 bedrooms, 1 bedroom along with living spaces and kitchen on ground floor, 2 bedrooms on the first floor and 1 bedroom on the 3rd floor. The exterior is decorated with jail, which allows plenty of light and ventilation and the least variation in material again gives the outlook a larger look.

Some of the features enhancing the design are:

  • Elevation Design: Jali adds an airy and open feeling to your house
  • Open Floor Plan: This house does not waste an inch of its area in corridors as it embraces the idea of an open-concept design. If your lifestyle allows you this freedom, this is your go to plan as it takes full advantage of every square foot of your space.
  • Natural light and ventilation: We always stress the use of natural light and ventilation in home design. This house sets an example for the same as its tall and large windows bring a sense of ample space to smaller areas and magnify them
  • Terrace and Balconies: It’s important to remember that your home doesn’t start and end at your front door. Outdoor living spaces can increase your liveable square footage exponentially! Plus, they’re great for entertaining!


PL337GH - The Self-Sustaining Unit

900 Square Feet, 2Floors, 2 Bedroom

Need to pack a punch in an even smaller home? Check out MyGhosla’s wonderful collection of small homes. Smartly designed, you’ll be living the “tiny” life in under 1,000 square feet!

Here is one of the many intelligently designed homes, it is a simple modern design with 2 floors, 2 bedroom, hall and a kitchen on each floor, making each floor independent and self sufficient on it own.

  • Long spanning windows: That save you cost on electricity bill at the same time expands the small space massively.
  • Minimalistic Façade: The house façade is worth a second second look with its linear design and minimalistic colour scheme, it’s a home that makes you smile and promises to never out of fashion!
  • Easy to Build and live: The house is same on both floors, minimal with simple and elegant exterior design. Easy on budget and hence easy to build. Small hence easy to live and maintain! That’s the best affordable luxury can get!


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