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Gift Yourself a New Home This Coming Year


It is once again that time of the year when festivities take over our lives. It is not only a phase to be happy, but also a time to gift ourselves and our precious ones something remarkable. What can be more memorable than gifting yourself and your family, a home, in 2020!


So, invest in your well-being to start the New Year on a high note.
Whether you’re wanting to build now or later, having your dream home plan design finalized is super exciting. But at times the excitement is replaced by the stress of choosing the right design out of the multiple options available by various designers. With MyGhosla as your design partner, all your stress is taken care off and you can get that excitement back with a smile. Let’s look at some reasons why house plans are good gifts to invest.

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  1. Ideal gift for the family. A house is a place where happiness is found, memories are made and relationships are strengthened. Home plans make brilliant gifts for the family as everyone gets to benefit from them. Who would mind a new structured home, redefined living space, landscaped garden and latest amenities? It's your place to build happiness, love and memories
  1. Freedom from rent& something to look forward: Getting a notice from your landlord that your rent is increasing would ruin anyone’s day. Unexpected rental increase is always tough to take care. Designing a new home plan is something that you will profit from well into the future and the built home is an investment that will last a lifetime. 
  1. Time, Effort and Budget-friendly: It’s a good idea to purchase your home plan design in the new year. It takes more than 3 months to move from the designing stage to the actual building stage. Plans purchased in advance gives you ample time to plan your finance and you can save yourself time & money to take care of unseen hurdle during the construction phase. Well, thought investment is always less stressful and more profitable in the long term. 
  1. Right to Choose: Choosing the right floor plan for your home is not an easy task. Home is a dream we build once in a lifetime. You need to choose at every step, Which floor plan so I like? Do I like this elevation? What do I prefer, looks, utility or both? and frustration sets in. With MyGhosla’s expert design support we can make this process easy for you.

Here at MyGhosla, we know that buying a house plan is stressful. Don’t worry. We have your back. We have more than 10 years of experience and know precisely how to help you get that perfect plan designed. If you are unsure about what style your perfect home falls under, check out our little gui

PL252GH: The Twin House

This house is ideal in all aspects of style, features, elements and function which simplifies your life and satisfies all your needs.  If you value ‘less is more ‘this is the right fit for you. A true modern home by MyGhosla which is one of the simplest yet satisfying designs with minimum flair and ornamentation.

  • Elevation: Facade features strong horizontal composition with large cantilevers projections. Open outlook with clean and bold windows of intentional symmetry, the focus here is to create a simplified elevation with an emphasis on function – removing unnecessary details at the same time adding modern materials

  • Floor Plan: The intention is to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, the entrance has a water body and a landscaped garden. The living room flaunts a double-height cut out with a floating staircase overlooking the water feature at the entrance. Overall the plan has open plan concept but in the Indian context and designed to enhance feelings of calm, comfort, and relaxation

PL250GHOld Is Awesome!

The elegantly designed double story home is a true classic in its appearance and aesthetics. It’s a mix of long-established Greek and Roman architecture style. Some remarkable features that define the intricacy of this classical beauty by MyGhosla are as follows

  • Elevation: The large spanning columns are stretched on the entire façade which highlights the volume of the façade and impose a prominence on the overall look of the house. The arch-shaped windows are covered in roman style frames giving in partial transparency which breaks boundaries and keeps you linked to the outdoors partially yet maintaining privacy. The twist to this classical home is the turquoise blue windows!

  • Floor Plan:6 bedrooms? Yes, please. Every bedroom in this classical home has an adjoining bathroom, with the master bedroom particularly inspiring (check out the vanities, a bathtub, shower, along with walk-in closet). In the middle of the home, the layout feels fresh and equipped with amenities like a lift. After a meal in the double-height open dining room, step out to the spacious rear garden space.

PL332GH: The Vacation House

A view of a perfect family vacation house, smartly designed by MyGhosla has prominent designing goals- unique frame geometry and smart material. If you want to invest in an out of the box design especially for your farmhouse home this is the right design

  • Elevation: The choice of the exterior cladding’s color comes from the architect’s vision of the surroundings. It integrates well with the colors of the environment, creating a dialogue with the landscape. A subtle play on the roof and exterior wall surfaces creates dramatic edges. The single-story structure creates a visual illusion of an open front façade at the same time flaunts full height framed glazing.

  • Floor Plan: Explore this new design with an open layout and well-thought amenities. A wide porch with a water body welcomes visitors inside, where the open layout encourages a relaxed lifestyle. The living room flows over to the dining and out to the spacious rear garden. You'll find tons of storage throughout the home, with every bedroom boasting a walk-in closet and a good laundry beside the kitchen.


Find your dream house plan today. Questions? We want to hear from you – Contact us or call/ message on +91 9878433387. We’re happy to connect.

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