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How to get Picture Perfect Outdoor Space for Your Home


There is no doubt that outdoor space allows us to stay connected with nature, and it helps us live well even if it is a small house. Also, we generally fail to get motivation in areas full of concrete & glass. Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore as our home design experts are familiar with the best tactics to build attractive, useful outdoor spaces. So, just keep on reading to find out their ideas to design a wonderful outdoor space for your home.


Firstly, it is very important to settle on mood of the space. Perhaps you want to convert it into a private open-air space where you can unwind with your loved ones or you want it to be a perfect place for group sitting to have fun home parties. No matter what you opt for, before you start investing in essential items to add to the space, you must first decide what outcome you like. 


1) Outdoor be an extension of interior space

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Let the outdoor space be an extension of the house this can be achieved by replicating similar colour palette and furniture style that are used in the interiors. The more outdoor spaces mimic their indoor equivalents, the more functional and likeable they are.

Small design tips for more functionality in your outdoor space:

  • Add built-in furniture seating.
  • Highlight the space with good lights – to set the mood in evenings or home parties


2) Create Privacy Without Blocking Light 

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A beautiful private terrace garden or sitting isn’t as relaxing if you share it with your neighbour due to their visual intrusion. Try incorporating vertical screens as backdrops to highlight your space at the same time screen your space from neighbours. Best example of screens are vertical green gardens, potted plants in varying heights, super affordable and durable precast-concrete geometric blocks, they all protect privacy without blocking light or air in outdoor space. 


3)  Provide Smart Shades 

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Projecting roofs, in transition space from indoor to outdoor, always works wonders as shades and looks fab even on your home elevation. But if you are remodelling an existing space that does not have these projecting elements you can refer our budget friendly recommendations for shading your outdoor space -

  • Try a wooden or fabricated pergola planted with creepers
  • Retractable Awnings, that rolls back and keeps the sun off when open
  • Lot of affordable, ready-to-hang are available, free standing Umbrella are the most common


4) Use Large Windows

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Large windows frame your indoor as well as outdoors, they merge inside and outside living. Even if you don't have a perfect courtyard like this one, you can increase the natural light in your home. We recommend

  • Swapping smaller windows and doors for sliding or swinging doors or replacing a plain wall with a wall of glass doors towards your outdoor space where possible.
  • Adding a corner window, to create the effect of an atrium or courtyard.


5)  Convert It Into A Recreational Space

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Add the following to create that little magic to your home's appeal. After all, an outdoor space should be recreational and relaxing.  

  • Creative seating: A piece of log or recycled wooden seating in classic brown
  • Fireplace: A built in fireplace, fire pit or tabletop fire bowl act as the centrepiece of your outdoor space
  • Kitchen: Take outdoor living to the next level with a well-placed alfresco kitchen. Locate your outdoor kitchen near your indoor kitchen for easy access to your pantry


Here's to a creative outdoor space and the fun summer season!


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