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Pros of getting a home plan design online?


E-commerce has become a trend due to the convenience we get from it in modern world.


With our lives becoming busier and faster, we have adopted online lifestyle for most of our needs in order to get quality products simultaneously saving time & money. A modern approach to home plan design services can also be adopted to provide the same quality and comfort to the client. How? Let’s have a look.


  1. 24 x 7 availability of professional support

Online services are generally available 24X7.You don’t have to wait for the professional’s availability and hence are saved from the appointment hassle and time management issues.


  1. Save on travelling

When you think of buying plans online, you don’t have to travel. Hence, you save the time and money in travelling while being at the comfort of your place with your gadget.


  1. Convenience of group discussions of family from multiple locations

When you go for a traditional way, only limited people come to visit a professional. While in online methodology, everyone can be together even from different location on conference and decide what they want. This again saves time as multiple discussions at home and with professional due to conflicts of choices takes up a lot of time to start a project in traditional way


  1. Drawings Management is easier

In traditional methodology, you have to wait for having all the drawing set to be completed whereas in online system, all the drawings are provided to you within a given timeline which saves time and hence money. You get to order various sets of drawings according to your requirement.


  1. Commitment towards deadlines

In online process, deadlines are strictly followed whereas in conventional ways sometimes projects are delayed as there is no commitment for timely delivery in client – architect agreement


  1. Design process is client oriented

You generally get to view 3D views along with the drawings in online procedure whereas in traditional methodology, 3D views are made after the 2D drawings are finalised. Most of the times the client is not clear how his house is going to look after completion in traditional design process


  1. Budget management from the start

As you get all the drawings at once, it becomes much easier to calculate the amount of money required for your project’s construction. You can also order your BOQ online. This helps you in doing your financial planning in advance. Any hidden and sudden charges are generally calculated in online BOQ’s


  1. No money making from your local service provider’s/ vendors

In traditional methodology, vendors are generally hired by consulting the professional where sometimes, commission money is involved and professionals make money from the vendors that client hires for projects. But in online methodology, this is a sigh of relief as you get to hire vendors yourself. You can still have recommendation from the professional online but commission making is not possible in it. Also, you might end up getting the vendor at better price if your search and hire them yourself.


  1. Big savings during construction

Constructing is the most vital part of any home design. Having all the plans in hand can help you save your money and time in construction

a) Materials: You already know how much material is to be used as your construction is already planned. When you order material in bulk (even if it is transported at different times of construction), It is going to cost you less in comparison of when you        order it time to time.

b) Labour: You know how much labour is required and you don’t have to delay your construction due to labour’s unavailability as you can book them in time. Also your drawings sets are complete before commencement of work so labour work is not              affected due to delayed or absence of drawings by your designer

c) Services: All the building services are already predefined which help you in saving time and money in terms of material procurement.


Anything that is money and time efficient is already user friendly. Hence, adopting modern methods doesn’t only gives you value for time and money but also keeps everything going smoothly as it is pre planned.


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