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Purchase Home Plans Online, Why Not ?


Online shopping is no longer just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. In the era of digitization, people globally are swaying towards the habit of receiving everything on their doorstep


Then why limit the online world just to buy clothing or accessories?

Imagine the online arena delivering you, your dream home, here’s introducing “MyGhosla- We design your ghosla”,  an online platform to purchase the most precious house plans, meticulously designed by a reliable licensed architect.

What we do?

“MyGhosla”, broadly focuses on breaking the monotonous approach by delivering  pre-designed home plans  online which allows you to search through thousands of suitable possibilities in planning, styles, design, layout and interiors.  Myghosla allows its users to browse, compare, share, review and buy from over 100 home plans online, designed and curated by our experienced team of Architects, Engineers and Home plan design experts with more than 10 years of experience

How do you benefit?


Right to choose

People love experiences where their tastes and choices are uninterrupted. Since there are no physical sales associates to make sure customers feel like their needs are being met, technology must replace human help. The proposal of purchasing home plans online is not just a time saver but also uninfluenced by any other thoughts or opinions. You choose, we collaborate, and customize the home plan for you according to your requirement. 


Not The Traditional Way

Our scope of work is independent of the material you choose or the contractor you hire. Hence we follow a flat fee on Per Sq. Ft basis so you won’t get any surprise costs unlike others who charge on percentage. We won’t surprise you with any uncommitted fees.



The most essential key to a successful project is the relation between the client and designer, a relationship built on trust. “MyGhosla” values your time and commits 24/7 availability to support our clients. We also have “co-browsing” feature for design discussions and meetings online. Co-browsing is a feature which allows screen share between the client and the designer so as to address any issues being faced throughout the process from selection of home plans to completion of project.


Budget Friendly

Hiring a designer is expensive but necessary as an architect not only designs the layout of your home, but also works on various technical details to deliver you hassle free drawings. “MyGhosla’s” concept of purchasing readymade home plans online may sound fancy but is reliable as the home plans are designed by a professional architect yet are priced 3-4 times lesser than an architect’s fee.The idea of accessible design and services at affordable price, promotes “MyGhosla’s” concept of home plan for all, which are conscientiously designed by a professional Designers.


All Inclusive Services

Budget friendly does not mean we compromise on services. We guarantee, all the services that we render are compliant with design standard’s and are not comprised in any manner whatsoever. At any point throughout the design service you can upgrade to a higher plan or add additional services to experience All-inclusive services.


Hassle free delivery

All design discussion, review feedback, client approval and home plans delivery happen via your Myghosla account. You can track and manage all you design discussions, documents and home plan deliveries in your secured Myghosla account.


Contact us or call / message on +91 9878433387. We’re happy to connect.

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